Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Reading

Ok, I know it's not Monday.  I'm a little behind, but better late than never.
I have been busy reading, which is my favorite pastime during the summer. Here are a list of books I've read so far:
Among the Hidden            One for the Murphys

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 

Because of Mr. Terupt    Small as an Elephant 

I loved all of these!  "Small as an Elephant" and "One for the Murphys" are similar in that both of the  main characters struggle with family problems.  The boy in "Small as an Elephant" while camping with his mom wakes up to find her gone. He feels he must find her before someone realizes he has been left alone.  The girl in "one for the Murphys"  has just been sent to live with the Murphys as a foster kid.  I liked "One for the Murphys" better, but it made me cry alot (that's not that hard to do).

"Because of Mr. Terupt" I like because it is about a fifth grade class who gets the new teacher Mr. Terupt.  He is not quiet what they expect.  Each chapter is told from a different classmate.  I believe there are 7 students telling the story.  I plan to read this with my fifth grade class.

"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" is a fantasy that has been compared to "Harry Potter".   It does have some similarities in that the main character doesn't know that he is special in any way.  He feels very ordinary.  He loves the stories his grandfather used to tell him.  He believed they were real until he gets teased when he repeats them at school.  After his grandfather's death, he is not so sure any more.  He sets out to discover what his grandfather's last words really mean.  It is the first book of this new series. 

"Among the Hidden"  is a book I've been wanting to read for quite awhile.  My daughter has always loved books by Haddix.  This is also a series that takes place in a future where our government has so much control that personal freedoms have been lost. I know many middle school teachers use this in their rooms.  It is a great read.

My next book will be "Three Times Lucky" by Sheila Turnage.
I'm in the middle of reading "Notice and Notes"
This is very interesting.  I can't wait to try this with my Language Arts class.  I have been practicing some of their strategies with these books I just read.  Highly suggest this!


  1. We have very similar reading tastes! I also love Among the Hidden (I actually love all the Haddix books), Because of Mr. Terupt (Part 2 is pretty good also), and One for the Murphys (Yup, I cried too). And I'm reading Notice and Note this summer! My best part of summer is catching up on my "To Read" pile!

    WildAbout Fifth Grade

  2. I love Because of Mr. Terupt. I plan on reading that with my class as well!